Welcome to Pillowland!

There once was a dream from a child whom loved pillows very much. She packed her pillow around everywhere she went. The pillow would go with her to the car for road trips, to the grocery store, to hotels, etc. Her mom thought it would have been easier to pack a small stuffed animal or even a small blanket around. Nope. It had to be a big pillow. This was a special comfy pillow with a super soft white pillowcase and little pink flower blossoms on it. Now that little girl is an adult and still loves pillows very much. about pillow land

Pillowland is a place where you can find some great pillows for your home, office, cabin, or boat. It was created through the inspiration of a dream that a little girl (me) had. After all, pillows are amazing, aren’t they?

It is hopeful that Pillowland will grow over time and that you can be a part of that adventure with me.
Big things start from planting a small seed of greatness.

With pillowy love,
Stacy Zahn