Pillow Land is Born. (My Top Pillows)

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I’m so happy to say that Pillow Land is born!
My passion is pillows. I cannot fully express how much I love pillows. Well, I will try at least. You can read my story about how Pillowland came to be on the About page.

Here are some of my top picks for pillows that you’ll love:



Black Beautyrest Pillows


These pillows are AMAZING! I love them because it feels like you’re plowing your face into a fluffy cloud haha.

These pillows are also perfect for anyone that has an allergy/sensitivity to down.








Luxury Pillows Beckham Hotel Collection


These hypoallergenic pillows from the Beckham Hotel Collection are a 5 star luxury sleep experience. They are comfortably soft and ideal whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. Invest in these luxurious pillows and you won’t regret it. 







Utopia Pillow Inserts



Utopia has some great 100% hypoallergenic pillows (or inserts, as you wish). They are soft and comfortable for the sofa. You’ll love these for all of your pillow covers. They are simple, white, and classy. Choose from various sizes to suit your pillow preferences.



– Pillowland

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