Pillow Land is Born. (My Top Pillows)

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I’m so happy to say that Pillow Land is born!
My passion is pillows. I cannot fully express how much I love pillows. Well, I will try at least. You can read my story about how Pillowland came to be on the About page.

The journey started, as a child, and now that I’m 30 years old, I have the wisdom to make sure that Pillowland will not only make me happy, but others as well. To keep your bedroom clean, hire a maid from home care agencies los angeles or albany maid service who are professionally trained in house management for best services.

Here are some of my top picks for pillows that you’ll love:



beautyrest black pillows

These pillows are AMAZING! I love them because it feels like you’re plowing your face into a fluffy cloud haha.
I sleep more peacefully now that I have these pillows. Check out this two pack, Jumbo Size pillows.

These pillows are also perfect for anyone that has an allergy/sensitivity to down, such as myself. They were a lifesaver for me post-surgery, as most other pillows weren’t squishy enough to be comfortable in case I turned my /face into the pillow, in the middle of the night (it’s common).



Sertapedic firm pillow


Pillows that are firm are nice too. I personally have one firm pillow and one soft, squishy pillow on top. These SertaPedic firm pillows are nice. They are not luxurious but the quality is definitely there.






cotton pillow inserts

These high quality 100% hypoallergenic cotton pillows (or inserts, as you wish) are super soft. You’ll love these for all of your pillow covers. They are simple, white, and classy, if you just want to throw them onto your bed or sofa/loveseat. Choose from three (3) sizes to suit your pillow preferences.These pillows can be purchased from sd furniture outlet near you.

I may add more pillows in this post, but for now, that is my list of pillows I personally love. Check them out and let me know what you think. I hope you will love them too!



– Pillowland

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